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 Karazhan Groups

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PostSubject: Karazhan Groups   Fri Aug 03, 2007 5:18 pm

Last night we saw the start of our new organised karazhan groups.
Both groups seemed to start on time, and people seemed well prepared.
Also both groups got to meet thier new members, well done to all new guys I heared everyone did very well in both groups. Special congratulations, from me, go to Swigga and Strain, Strain on tanking Maiden, and Opera for the first time successfully, and also on gaining his first 3 Karazhan epics! Lucky bugger, even though it is about time Razz
And big well done to Swigga, who had never been to Karazhan before, on tanking upto Opera successfully, shame about drops though Neutral
On the subject of drops, I know group 1 at least had no drops wasted lastnight. All drops where put to good use and no Void Crystals were made!

Both groups have now downed Opera.
Group 1 will be going Nightbane, Curator and Shade, at least, next raid. Which maybe tonight, if not Sunday.
Migas or Finox if you could fill us in on where your off to and when Smile

So keep checking GroupCalender and make sure you are signed up, to the correct group, if you wish to go.

For all people who aren't raiding with us and want to. You will need to post in the Karazhan Groups post. Once that is done you will then be placed into a group, depending on what time you can raid, and what group needs what. The Groups can be found here .
After you have been placed in a group, make sure you have ALL of the needed add-ons, found here here , and then just sign up for the event with the correct group on GroupCalender.

Good job once again Karazhan guys!

PS. Dont forget to be on time for the raid. Group 1 Invites start at 22.00 ST and we aim to be in the instance at 22.30 ST. Group 2 invites start at 22.30 ST and aim to be in the instance at 23.00 ST. Invites start 30mins earlier to allow time for people to repair and buy regents. If you aren't on time, you are in risk of losing your spot. We DO NOT want to be wasting time waiting around for people.

How To Improve Your Raiding
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PostSubject: Re: Karazhan Groups   Fri Aug 03, 2007 5:38 pm

Hello ppl.

Grp2 news.

GJ guys. For some of you it was your first time in Kara and i can not be happier wiht the performence of the group.

For the next raid our aim is Nightbane,Curator,Terestian and Shade.

Other positive aspect is to start the raids almost at the same time and rotate members acordling the boss we gona made leaving out a fiew players to do what ever they want.

For those members that didnt raid this time your time will come and try to understand that kara is only a 10man raid.

As jinfu say the use of GroupCalender and forum to make the raids is very importante to raid leaders. You can not imagine how easy it is since we doing things this way and the time saved leaving those preciosus minutos to organize raid even better.

TY all and lets keepup the goodwork.

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PostSubject: Re: Karazhan Groups   Fri Aug 03, 2007 10:06 pm

I dont have much to say. after 2 post like this, only have to say ty all for you colaboration, atention and good joob.

Cya in wow Migasbk
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PostSubject: Re: Karazhan Groups   Wed Aug 22, 2007 8:19 pm

ok people i will actualize the groups today....

Thanks for your patience
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PostSubject: Re: Karazhan Groups   

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Karazhan Groups
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