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 Website changes/new ideas.

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Website changes/new ideas. Empty
PostSubject: Website changes/new ideas.   Website changes/new ideas. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 4:32 pm

Hey there.

Today i camed from my long try from Italy.As i loged in i was like a bit shoked of the decizions maid in the guild. Here are some of them

Group Callendar

This addon uses a lot of memory and will slow down the pc it is also a addon that depends on SYNCRONIZATION. If your the only one in the guild online or some that dont have addon / didnt syncronize and you whana add yourself to the raid then YOUR SCREWD !

Post what boss and loot you need

Like wtf !? The Classleader must and shoud know what items everyone of his "minions" needs. Also rotations shoud be set like you warlock have raided kara today. Next week the other warlock raids and soo on. This shoud make a stable system.Also it will make the old people from the guild happy because theyr raiding and the new ones. It also allows the Classleader to see what improvments did that guy do in the " 1 week vacantion " that he had . If he improved his gear / is improving or not and to take mesures.

DKP ( Dungeon Kill Points )

What is DKP ? Dkp is a system that allows people depending on theyr work to take some items.
Lets say PLAYER A has been in the guild from the beggining and then Player B joins.1-2 weeks pass he gets the same rank as Player A. They bouth go in a karazhan night BOOM theyr vanted epic drops. Now the rolling player A rolls lower then player B and player B wins the item player A is disapointed because he worked in the guild more then his partner.
How can DKP solve this matter ?
With Dkp you get points for every boss kill u make so lets resume our Raid theyr bouth in the raid at last boss and they epic drop player B says that he wants to spend 30 DKP on that item but Player A because he has been in the guild for longer time he has stored more points and can OVERBID his m8. Bouth are happy because player A got the item and player B who hasnt been so much in the guild had a fair chance depending on his raiding to get that item.
Trials can bid on items aswell but they shoud have a 50 DKP bid capacity.

How to Solve the problems !

In the start i was talking to finox about creating a very good website so i maid it but it was a bit to complicated.Now that i recreated it and maid it less complicated i whana show it to you all.

The Group Calendar problem . It is easy to resolve the problem with a web based signup. People can sign in from theyr job and so on this is called PHP raid easy to use doesnt req a syncronization players can be accepted or not in the raid and thats decided by the offiters.


I maid a dkp system aswell that the offiters can use and hopefully it will be puted to use. I strongly suggest DKP IN KARZHAN to terminate the problems of loot distribution.

Other things included in the site

A news part were we can update our latest news so that the visitors can see.
A shoutbox so that we can cominicate without posting in the forms
A Forum the thing is that with a forum like this just reprezents a guild with no imaginetions . I mean who wants to log in to our forums and See " layne House Apartments for rent " Laughing . A normal forum can be more manageble easy to use and all of its OPTIONS are enabled from video seeing to big .gif avatar imagez and No Freaking ADDs that makes me crazy....

http://karma.malware-site.www this is the site that i maid for the guild and i hope that the offiters will notice and will assist in the development.

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Website changes/new ideas. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Website changes/new ideas.   Website changes/new ideas. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 5:23 pm

well, 1st of all ty m8.

yesterday night ive ben a litle surprise in game when you tel us that you made a phpraid and a new forum. honestly i dident now about this before.

is very regardless see pll showing interesse about guild concerns, and most important, see that pll, like you, do something that we can see.

howhaver tbh, we must talk in ventrilo, becouse is easer to understand some questions. ofc we must doit with all officers, and you.

once again ty m8, im gona /w you in game, and ofc your work have ben notice, and will be apreciate(with you, and after decision we pass all defenitive info to guildies). but we must start to clarify all together some question before aply new forums and phpraid etc.

Cya in wow Migasbk

ps: i take a lock at site you made and lock cool.
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Website changes/new ideas.
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