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 Want to raid?

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Want to raid? Empty
PostSubject: Want to raid?   Want to raid? Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2007 9:05 pm

Do you want a raid spot?

Make sure you meet requirements!
You MUST have the needed Add-ons.
You MUST have vent installed and set up BEFORE the raid starts.
You NEED to be online for raid start or just ASAP!
You HAVE to be prepared, make sure your geared right for the job!
And FFS MAKE sure you have your regents and are repaired BEFORE the raid.

We dont want to be fucking around waiting around in raid for you to sort yourself out, or to find out your under geared and holding us all back.

Not sure if you have the gear?
Check this out, http://www.wow-loot.com/

This gives you a guide on pre-kara gear.

I understand people who haven't got much left to get, gearwise, but there is plenty of really good peices of gear to be got from heroic badges and rep.
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Want to raid?
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